The ‘Art’ of Being Me

 Ages 18+, Male/Female

Topics Include:

  • Your Power
  • Self-Esteem - What is it? Why do I need it?
  • Introduction to ‘I Am Beautiful Because…’  
  • The Amanda Welliver Power of Positive Thinking Method
  • Knowing your strengths & what is important to you 
  • The Art of Appreciation  
  • Your Center Core
  • A Healthy Body Image and my Body Image
  • It’s not too late: Get that Job & Life you always wanted
  • Going After Your Dreams - Making it a REALITY
  • Goal setting: Short & Long term. Vitamins for your soul
  •  Martial Arts - Defending what is yours mentally and physically
  • The real cost of Drugs, Alcohol and Addictions
  • Knowing your feelings and strengths
  • Styles of Communication
  • Finding answers to YOU.

Paradigm Esteem’s The ‘Art’ of Being Me’ Adult Program is designed to implement self-esteem and self-worth into a feeling of action and self-confidence.  ‘I Am Beautiful Because’ educates adults on their self-identity and how they can use their individual power and skills in today’s environments to live a happier more fulfilling life. If one believes in past history events, comments or thoughts; it leaves minimal room for life advancement and happiness. If life is conducting you rather than receiving your directions, self-esteem can be low resulting in a feeling of loss, stagnant and hopelessness.

This program is life reversal; learning to live life to one’s higher potential with self-worth and gratitude for simplicity and happiness. We teach how to take time for ourselves to learn and come in touch with our inner spirit. Each program day is dedicated to each student and their personal needs. It is a time for adults to be listened to, cared for, given personal encouragement in a safe, healing environment.

This program encompasses aspects of both of our main programs to encourage higher levels of mental and physical stimulation and learning.