Amanda Welliver has made a business out of inspiring others to be the best that they can be. As the Founder and President of Paradigm Esteem, a self-esteem motivational modeling consulting firm, her work is recognized by Edmonton Social Services, the Public School Board, and Indian Affairs of Northern and Southern Alberta. A motivational speaker and author of self-esteem textbooks, Amanda's programs aim to change the lives of children and adults by teaching them the art of self-appreciation, self-esteem, power of positive thinking and an overall positive self loving image. Amanda is a businesswoman making a difference by teaching others from her heart and with the passion of a changed life.

Amanda was raised by her single mother, a mother that tried to make ends meet and do the best with what she had. However there was ongoing days of excessive verbal and mental trauma that lead Amanda to have extremely low self-esteem and even suicidal tendencies.  With the combination of being taunted, teased and bullied daily by school peers due to her 'vampire teeth' among others lead to a severe stuttering speech impediment.  Amanda's self-esteem was so low she didn't believe she even deserved 'skin' or even to be 'heard' by anyone resulting in her retracting herself from any social situation.

After too many years of pain, Amanda  made the decision to ‘fight back’ and discovered that through positive thinking, positive re-enactments and understanding what she called ‘The Art of Appreciation’, she was indeed a beautiful person inside and out. Using methods she created, she was able to help herself to become a confident, assured, productive young woman. Topics today taught in her book 'I Am Beautiful Because...'.

As a young adult, Amanda taught modeling, runway ramp, and photo movement to local talent. Personally, she succeeded to the semi-finals in the Pro-Scout Ford Wilhelmina Plus Size modeling search in Seattle, Washington. 
Tired of working with individuals purely on a physical medium, Amanda decided to initiate a program that would increase a person’s self-worth to feel beautiful on the inside as well as the out. Her personal experiences gave her the drive to help other teens and young adults feel better about themselves – inside and out. She knew that every individual can be a success; they just need to learn how.
As the Edmonton Sun says she is ‘The Geek that Grew Up’.  She went from the geek (grade 6) to the captain of her cheer-leading squad in her final year of school by using methods that she developed herself, now being taught to all students in Paradigm Esteem in her authored textbook ‘I Am Beautiful Because…’.
Amanda started Paradigm Esteem with a great idea, utmost determination, dedication and passion.  Bad credit and risking family embarrassment prevented any possibility of financial assistance.    While building her business she worked full time jobs as waitress’, or in retail sales.  At times it required Amanda to use the Edmonton Food Bank and Emergency Social Services including pleading for pet food at the SPCA.
The shy ‘stuttering geek’ who couldn’t get her words out is now a keynote multiple award winning Entrepreneur, Author and motivational speaker, speaking at  events throughout Canada.

The Edmonton Public School Board has funded and given high school credits for home schooled students in Calm 20 for completing Amanda’s programs at Paradigm Esteem.  She is helping in the movement of aiding First Nations and Metis people with a strong self identity and overall independent courage.  Funding is continually being recognized by the National Child Tax Benefit, Social and Economic Development, HRDC Service Canada and Youth Suicide Prevention.