Paradigm Esteem was founded in 1999 by Amanda Welliver.

Amanda was raised in a divorced family, and learned about responsibility and lack of family support at an early age. Throughout her teen years, she was teased, mocked and bullied by her peers, resulting in depression, withdrawal and extreme stuttering. Amanda made the decision to ‘fight back’ and discovered that through positive thinking, positive re-enactments and understanding what she called ‘The Art of Appreciation’, she was indeed a beautiful person inside and out.

Using methods she created, she was able to help herself to become a confident, assured, productive young woman. As a young adult, Amanda taught modeling, runway ramp, photo movement to local talent. Personally, she succeeded to the semi-finals in the Pro-Scout Ford Wilhelmina Plus Size modeling search in Seattle, Washington.

Tired of working with individuals purely on a physical medium, Amanda decided to initiate a program that would increase a person’s self-worth to feel beautiful on the inside as well as the out. Her personal experiences gave her the drive to help other teens and young adults feel better about themselves – inside and out. She knew that every teenager can be a success; they just need to learn how.

Today Amanda has won multiple top executive awards including an international Stevie Award which is comparable to an 'Emmy' in business.  She is also the Author of ‘I Am Beautiful Because…’, ‘The Art of Being Me’, ‘Models In Motion’ and co-author of ‘Model 1’.
Currently, she has taught over 21 years. Amanda is also a motivational speaker, influencing youth across Canada.