Amanda methods helped me believe in myself more and that I matter to the world.
– Lawrence Jr Mantla

I like the way Amanda explains and makes people understand about finding their center core.
– Laurie Rabesca

This is a great opportunity to learn more about your self’s worth and value, to learn how to love who you are.  I learned about my weaknesses which is very interesting to know what you can work on about yourself, it only gets better.
– Tracella Romie

 Amanda’s lessons taught me how self-esteem is an important role in everyday life. That we are beautiful and how we should love ourselves ‘As Is’. Amanda helped me realize my worth.
– Trisha Naistus

Amanda has outdid herself in coming up with her methods! I learned what self-esteem is and what type it is, allowing me to discover my inner self and draw strength from it.
– Lester Adekat

A few months back I tried committing suicide, actually died twice and since then something was missing, with Amanda’s methods opened my eyes and soul as what was missing.  I learned that without my self-esteem my life is not complete.
– Anonymous female

Even if you think you don’t need it, you will be surprised; I needed Amanda’s methods more than I thought.  She helped me open myself up to things I have closed myself off to for a long, long, long time. 
– Melody Kipling

Amanda’s methods have taught me never be afraid to stand up and to speak up for myself.  I never thought I would be the confident happier person I am today.  Her methods are amazing!!  I highly recommend her to whoever wants to boost their self-esteem.
– Jen Berland

"The realization of the importance of succeeding to pass an exam, or create an extraordinary project lays a mountain of stress on us, and we often find ourselves telling our minds we cannot do well on this assignment or we are going to fail. That was me only last year. The time I have spent with Amanda taught me when we feed our mind negative thoughts and sentiments our mind tends to believe them. Using the Power of Positive Thinking I was able to move my low marks of 50’s to high 60’s and 70’s in the course of 4 months. Now having just completed my first year of High School, I have my biggest accomplishment of being able to read at the level of a college student and write at a level above my grade."

"Really, it's not other people who give you your talent and worth, it's something that you have by virtue of being you. You have worth and you are beautiful because God made you."
– Lauren Smiley

"I realized that the way you view yourself really makes a difference in the way others view you. I also had an epiphany realizing that I cannot expect others to like or respect me if I do not like and respect myself."
– Taylor Aubin

"Don't allow other people to tell you that you are something you're not."
– Kirsta Donovan

"We are all of purpose and we're all beautiful. I learnt a lot from this message... especially saying one thing per day about how I am beautiful because I never think of myself as pretty or anything."
– Joleen Lougheed

"Amanda was incredibly inspirational and engaging. She left me with something life changing and positive to think about, best speaker I've ever listened to!"
– Stephanie Cunningham

"Amanda is such an inspiration! This was the third time I've seen her speak and it never gets old. It is really refreshing to see someone who was outcasted and who felt so low, to go above and beyond to take hold of their dreams. I definitely consider her one of my heros."
– Serena Jeffrey-Loyie

"For myself, I, along with my students, was absolutely inspired by Amanda's story. She was able to relate to the students in a way that visibly moved them, some even to tears. Since her talk, many of our students have questioned why they are uncomfortable hearing others complimenting them and are working at believing in themselves and saying thank you. They have started looking in the mirror and telling themselves that they are beautiful every day. They are sharing stories and opening up about their feelings and insecurities. We are so thankful to have had Amanda speak with our students - they still say that Amanda was the best part of our day's events."
– Teacher at St. Joes High School in Edmonton, AB

Best speaking event I have been to in years, Amanda is really good.

"Amanda Welliver has worked amazing magic with the youth at Big Island Lake.  In the past few years, we have been fortunate to have Paradigm Esteem visit our community and facilitate the 'I Am Beautiful Because...' workshop.  Amanda has empowered our students through her self-esteem lessons to have the confidence needed to participate in school and in a first class self-esteem, modeling fashion show.  Amanda brings out the best in youth; her personal testimony, encouragement, gentleness, enthusiasm and confidence contribute to her success.  I have witnessed BIG changes in students that have completed this workshop; Big Island is lucky to have her continue to visit and encourage youth to believe in themselves and discover their inner beauty.  Keep working your magic!"
– Carey Stoebich, Vice Principal, Chief Napew Memorial School, Big Island Lake Education

"I felt totally empowered after Amanda told us about her past and how she herself worked through the bullying to become a stronger, independent person.  This inspired me that I too can look at situations in a positive light rather than negative."
– Student at 'Chick In Charge' Conference Morinville

"As a youth co-ordinator it is sometimes difficult to find a motivational speaker that the youth can relate too.  Your session on I Am Beautiful Because.. truly inspired the teens and myself that we empower each other and ourselves.  Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious and even after 3 weeks after the session some of the teens who attended your session are still vibrating from the information.  Truly inspiring.  What a gift you pocess-empowering youth."
– Melonie Dziwenka Sturgeon Youth Council Co-ordinator

"Amanda your presentation for my school(Nellie McLung) was sooo inspirational it made me cry. I think by far, that was my most favourite favourite field-trip EVER you are sooo confident and positive about yourself. Your presentation boosted my confidence about being who I want to be. Thank-you"
– Female student 16

"I believe the Paradigm Esteem program would be a tremendous asset to any community or organization that feels that the healing starts without one’s self, and I highly recommend the program without reservation. This program has worked for many of the youth – they are still walking around with their heads up high and feeling good about themselves."
– Phaedra John, Employment and Training / HRD, Kehewin Cree Nation

"I learned that we are all beautiful on the inside and out, and we should go for our dreams and not to give up AT ALL. This program is a chance to find out more about yourself and to know to love yourself for you."

"Amanda W taught me so much in summer camp. My self-esteem is much higher. This is hello the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you so much. Amanda I am gonna miss you so much. I thank you for making me feel good about myself; you are my role model. I am so thankful for this program!"
– Kota

"I feel more confident in myself and you don’t have to change the way you are just to get noticed or become popular. This is the best class ever. I hope it will come back and I get to take it again. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me."
– Janetta, 14

"I finally get it now; everybody is special in their own way. I loved the kindness of Amanda and her staff. Amanda is the most inspiring person I ever met in my life. Thank you for helping me like myself on the inside and out."
– Nikita, 13

"I feel so great now, I love the way this program, everybody should be made to take it."
- Steven, 14

"I am not ashamed how I am anymore. This was really really fun!"
- Tyrone, 13

"Amanda taught me if you don’t look after yourself no one will. I am now confident in myself and that I am beautiful. I so would take this again."
- Mark, 15

"I feel more confident and no matter what I’ll always feel better about myself now, it was this course that helped me. No matter how geeky you feel you look, or weird you may seem you are still beautiful, I now feel great. Thanks Paradigm Esteem!"
– Joshua, 17

"Amanda’s book is the best. It helped me a lot, and I think it would help others too. I believe in myself more than I did before."
– Lynn, 17

"I learned to be yourself in your own body. I am not as shy around people anymore. I can talk and say what I want or need now."
– Dakota, 12

"I learned that no matter what you look like you will always be beautiful on the inside and outside. I learned that confidence, self-esteem, your center core are one of the most important things in our mind & body. This program helped me to be myself and not care about what other people say about me, and this is why I recommend this program. Amanda taught me to believe in myself again and it feels good, thanks Amanda."

"I love this program. Other people should take it because they would love to have good self-esteem. Now I can believe in myself. Amanda you’re the BEST."
– Matthew, 10

"I learned more about how to be a positive role model. It showed me a better way to talk to adults in a formal way. Others should really that this."
– Levi, 11

"I believe in myself, I learned to open up and don’t be so shy. This was an awesome program to be in. I have more confidence in myself! Amanda you are awesome and I wish you would be able to teach us more. I will miss you. Your staff are so good too, they are so great."
– Nicole, 17

"Paradigm Esteem taught me to think positive, it will take you far. Don’t make or let the past bring you down. Before I used to look at myself negatively, now I have opened my mind to the positive and loving it. Amanda made such an impact on me."
- Robin, 16

"This program lets the true you out, not another person that you want to be. Believe in yourself, follow your dreams, don’t listen to negative people, have confidence in yourself and love thy neighbor. I will be taking level III."
– Ernie, 17

"I respect myself more and others. I have hope. Before I was embarrassed to talk in front of people, now I’m not and I know I can do it. Some people have low self-esteem and they don’t have to feel bad about themselves. Take Paradigm Esteem."