Youth Programs

Low self-esteem can affect just about every aspect of a youth’s life. If they feel bad or are unsure of themselves, then they may be unable to participate fully in any activity for fear of failure. Youth cannot handle everything perfectly all the time and shouldn’t be expected to. They don’t have to try to face up to what everyone else ‘thinks’ they should be, but should make sure they are PROUD of their decisions, actions and more importantly themselves.

Our self-esteem programs help youth discover who they truly are by using our methods of looking inside of their ‘shell’, allowing a stronger sense of ‘self’. By combining techniques such as fashion modeling and self-esteem lessons allows the two mediums to come together resulting in outer and inner strength.


Level I: ‘I Am Beautiful Because...’

Ages 11 - 17, Male/Female

  • Self-Esteem - What is it? Why do I need it? 
  • Introduction to ‘I Am Beautiful Because…’  
  • The Amanda Welliver Power of Positive Thinking Method 
  • Knowing your Strengths, What is Important to Me 
  • The Art of Appreciation 
  • My Center Core 
  • A Healthy Body Image and my Body Image 
  • What is Stress? 
  • Going After Your Dreams - Making it a Reality 
  • Goals: The Purpose of Short and Long Term Planning 
  • Modeling Basics, Ramp Walks, Turns, Body Language, Posture 
  • Photo Movement - How to Move in front of the camera 
  • Professional Photography Tips · The Self-Esteem Bucket 
  • Understanding my feelings 
  • My Own Power -- believing in yourself from the inside out  
  • What is Photoshop?

Level II: The ‘Art’ of Being Me

Ages 11 - 17, Male/Female

  • Making Your Self-Esteem Work for You 
  • The Art of Appreciation II 
  • The Power of Positive Thinking II 
  • Martial Arts - Defending what is yours mentally and physically 
  • Why post secondary is worth the effort 
  • The real cost of Drugs, Alcohol and Addictions 
  • Life can change suddenly - how to adapt  
  • Career versus just a ‘job’ – What is a budget?

Level III: Extreem Esteem

Ages 11 - 17, Male/Female

  • ‘Extreem Esteem’ handbook written by Award Winning President/Founder Amanda Welliver 
  • Planning for Success: What is money? What is credit? 
  • The Costs of Addictions - physically and financially III 
  • ‘When I grow up I want to be….’: Here’s How 
  • Planned Parenthood – Want a family, let’s plan 
  • The ‘Art’ of Appreciation Level III 
  • College, University, Trade School – Why It’s Worth It III 
  • Self-Defense: The next generation: The advancement of personal protection combining advanced combat methodologies 

* Program contents subject to change.